Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ohio River Mile 934.5 To Ohio River Mile 922.8 And Cumberland River Mile 0 To Mile 31.7

Lots of big wakes during the night at the Paducah City dock do to small work boats and not the tows. Went for a walk at 0615 and saw all the beautiful murals on the city side off the levee. 0730 departed Paducah with CEE JAY and a 37 foot sail boat from the Green Bay area. 75 mins. lock delay at Barkley Lock, not bad considering that the Kentucky Lock was closed for maintenance and all traffic went through Barkley Lock. 1645 arrived Green Turtle Bay at Grand Rivers, KY. Arvilla did laundry and we
both got a real shower for the first time in about a week. We will stay at Green Turtle Monday night also. Sunny all day and 62 degs for a high temp.
Joe and Arvilla

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