Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quincy,IL To 8 Miles South West Of Keokuk,IA

Adam and Stephanie departed for Plover at 0730. So, Arvilla is back on the boat. Departed Quincy at 10:55 after walking to church. Arrived at lock 20 with a hour and half wait. When we got into the lock there were no lines a lot of wind and 7 other boats with us. I guess on this part of the Mississippi they feel they do not need to give lines out. Not a good experience. We set anchor for the night at 5:20. We are going to have a few cocktails and snacks to celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary.
High temp of 88 degrees and sunny all day. A little windy at our anchorage.
Joe & Arvilla

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rockport,IL To Quincy,IL

0543 Depart Two Rivers Marina. Very foggy and could not see the buoys but they showed up good on radar. Anchor got fouled on a large cable below lock 21. Had to tie a line on it to hold it up and lower the anchor and then drop the cable. 1445 arrived Quincy Boat Club. Arvilla and Stephanie arrived 1615. Had fish at local bar. 87 degs and sunny. Cruised 46 miles and two locks.
Joe, Arvilla, Adam, & Stephanie

Friday, August 29, 2008

St. Charles,MO To Rockport,IL

0800 Depart anchorage after fuel filter change and bleed low and high pressure fuel lines. 1700 arrive Two Rivers Marina. Cruised 57 miles and two locks. Passed AMERICAN QUEEN. Sunny and 85 degs.
Joe & Adam

Waukegan,IL To Saint Charles,MO.

Monday,25 Aug 08
0538 Depart Waukegan Marina. Three to five foot beam sea made for a lot of rolling. 1000 take down mast in Chicago Harbor for the low Chicago bridges. 1925 Anchor on the Kankakee River. Cruised 94 miles and two locks. 76 degs and sunny.
Tuesday,26 Aug 08
0525 Depart anchorage. 1940 Anchor near Lecon,IL. Cruised 86 Miles three locks. 79 degs and sunny.
Wednesday,27 Aug 08
0540 Depart anchorage. Stop in Peroia,IL to visit a ham friend. 1905 Anchor four miles above Beardstown. Cruised 97 Miles and one lock. 85 degs and sunny.
Thursday,28 Aug 08
0532 Depart anchorage. 1736 turn to starboard up the Mississippi river. 1930 anchor near St. Charles,MO on the Dardenne Slough. High wind and 2.25" of rain late in morning and some wind at anchorage. Cruised 109 miles and one lock. High temp 89 degs.
Joe & Adam

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sturgeon Bay,WI !Sturgeon Bay,WI To Waukegan,IL

Friday and Saturday at Quarter Deck Marina visiting with friends. Saturday morning Adam,Stephanie, and Eli arrived. I had not seen Eli since November and now he has glasses and is walking. We had a short visit before Arvilla,Stephanie, and Eli left for Plover. Adam and I departed Sturgeon Bay at 1306. Arrived two Rivers,WI at 2010. Cruised 51 miles,3 to 4 ft waves and high temp was 77 degs.
0410 departed Two Rivers and arrived at Waukegan,IL at 2020. Cruised 124 miles with 3 to 4 foot following seas and high temp of 67 degs. Kept the boat closed the past 2 days due to flies.
Joe and Adam

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Washington Island To Sturgeon Bay

We departed Washington Island at 7:15, cruising on the Bay of Green bay, with only a light chop.
Sunny and a high of 74 degrees. We are anchored 5 miles from Sturgeon Bay, at Sawer Harbor. We will go to Quarterdeck Marina tomorrow and wait for our crew change on Saturday.
Joe & Arvilla

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beaver Island, MI To Washington Island,WI

We are back in Wisconsin!!! We stayed at Beaver Island Sunday and Monday. We went for a walk and found a small church and went to mass, then we walked over to see the lighthouse on the island. On our way back we stopped at a maritime Museum, that had an old fish tug that we could board. Really neat and did take pictures. We also walked a few miles to find one of the airports on the island, they have 2 airports and a college, and a school for 1-12 grades. We did not find the airport as it was
behind some trees, I guess it could not have been very big. We departed Beaver Island this morning at 6:20, the first hour was choppy and some waves splashing over the bow. The next 9 hours were 3-5 ft. waves on the port stern quarter. Not the best cruising day, but we made it safe and sound. Arrived at Washington Island to anchor at 4:45. Sunny, high of 65, and winds 23 mph.
Joe & Arvilla

Saturday, August 16, 2008

St. Ignace,MI to Beaver Island,MI

Departed St. Ignace at 6:10. yes, we are now on the dreaded Lake Michigan. the first three hours of cruising were fine--the last three hours were terrible with 3-4 foot seas on our port bow. Everything in the boat was shook up, especially Arvilla who was suppose to be at home on this part of the cruise. But, we are one week ahead of schedule, no crew change until Aug. 23rd. Arrived at Beaver Island at 12:15. Mostly sunny and 78 degrees.

De Tour Village, MI to St. Ignace,MI

Departed De Tour Village at 8:35 after changing Canada money at a local bank. A beautiful sunny day and calm seas, 76 degrees. We could see the Mackinac bridge from 30 miles away. We arrived at St. Ignace Marina at 2:15 and met Tom & Mary there. We visited, grocery shopped, had wine & beer, and went out for a fish dinner. It was great to see them again.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

`Clapperton Island,Ontario To De Tour Village,MI

We departed our anchorage at 6:05 and had 2-3 foot seas until 1 p.m. We stopped at Drummond Island to check into customs at 4:00 under sunny skies and 75 degrees. We were then on our way at 5:00 in the rain. We arrived at De Tour Village Marina at 6:10, cruised 91 miles today.
Joe & Arvilla

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Strawberry Island,Ontario To Clapperton Island,Ontario

We departed our beautiful anchorage at 6:10. Another smooth and sunny day. We arrived at Little Current only to find out that the swing bridge is down for repair--only 18 feet of clearance. So, we had to take down the mast. We then proceeded thru the bridge and were on our way. We arrived at out anchorage at 5:10 and shared the anchorage with 8 other boats after 82 miles of cruising. The high temp for today is 74 deg. with afternoon thunderstorms.
Joe & Arvilla

Sans Souci,Ontario To !0 Miles South of Hartly Bay,Ontario On Georgian Bay

On Tuesday we cruised 81 miles between rock islands all day long. When they say Georgian Bay has 30,000 islands they mean it. Some of the islands have houses others are just rocks. Beautiful sunny day with a high of 71 degrees and calm seas. That is a favorite of Arvilla's.
Joe & Arvilla

Monday, August 11, 2008

Port Severn,Ontario To Sans Souci,Ontario

We spent Sunday at Lock 45- had a spectacular evening with a beautiful sunset. Tom & Mary departed the boat on Monday morning. Sorry to see them leave as we had a great time with them. We then enjoyed visiting with a ham friend from the area. He has provided a lot of our email service. We then departed thru lock 45 at noon, and arrived at our anchorage at 5:45. It was a sunny day and half of the day was great the rest had 2-3 foot waves. Not one of Arvilla's favorite days. Cruised 40 miles.
Temp 73 degs.
Joe & Arvilla

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gamebridge,Ontario To Port Severn,Ontario

Friday Departed at 0600 and crossed Lake Simcoe. 1250 Arrived Swift Rapids, Lock 43. Cruised 42 miles and one lock. Sorry that I ever mentioned that the weather was so beautiful and sunny, ever since the funnel cloud it has been raining and cool. From Tom & Mary: We got up early to cross a large lake, which everyone said was dangerous & rough. We left early from the breakwater & went out on to the lake. When we got on the lake I couldn't see shore - maybe that was because I was down under with
a blanket over my head. I only bounced 1 or 2 inches off the bunk. By the time we got to the other side, we were doing fine - a 2 hour crossing. We tied up above Lock 43 - the most pristine lock we've been at. When I went up to the lock I couldn't see down to the bottom - should be quite a drop for us in the morning.
Saturday depart Swift Rapids lock 0850. Arrived at port Severn, Lock 45 1230. Cruised 17 miles and one lock and one marine railway. 65 degs and rain most of the day. We are now at the upper end of the last lock on the Trent Severn. We will probably go thru on Monday morning if the weather is okay. From Tom & Mary: Lock 43 was a real drop, but in 8 minutes - very new design. We got to the railway - Lock 44. I guess you have to see it, but they lifted us OUT of the water & transported up up & over
the land. Really something to see. We arrived Port Severn - the end of the trail for us. Tomorrow, the nicest lady in Canada, Andrea, will drop off our car. Without her, this whole trip wouldn't have been possible. On Monday we will depart via auto & begin our trip home thru Sault Ste. Marie & eventually the Ferry from Muskegon, MI to Milwaukee, WI. We will be forever grateful to Joe & Arvilla for letting us join them for this part of their trip. It has been truly a trip of a lifetime & do
we have the pictures to prove it.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Fenelon Falls,Ontario To Gamebridge, Ontario

Thursday, 1624 Arrived Gamebridge breakwater wall. Cruised 33 miles and seven locks. As we stated earlier we have had great weather, except for Thursday when a storm with a funnel cloud hit the lake and was called a water spout. It was a little scary, took some pictures, so we hope that they turn out okay. From Tom & Mary: Five of the seven locks today were one right after the other - gates always open. We tied up behind the breakwater & about an hour after we got secure a thunderstorm rolled
thru. Arvilla & I were sitting & chatting when I said to her, "That looks like a tornado". Well, by the time it got out unto the lake it was a long funnel cloud - about 1,000 ft. (Carla J - I've got pictures) I was calm & collected, but it was in the distance - maybe five miles. And then it was time for a little wine.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bobcaygeon,Ontario To Fenelon Falls,Ontario

1000 Arrived Fenelon Falls Lock wall. Cruised 15 miles and one lock. We had a beautiful sunny day again with a high of 79 degrees, and found out that the bridges are not as high as they said they were. From Tom & Mary: We tied above Lock 34, another small tourist town. Did some walking, shopping & then had a late lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Falls. During lunch some local lads walked out above the Falls & drove down over them - very exciting - especially when they didn't come up right
away. Lunch was excellent, which reminds me, I'm going to be 300 lbs. after this trip - please don't mention it when you see me. The only way we know breakfast is over is that it gets to be Noon & then it becomes lunch & so on. The only way we know we are done eating is that it's time to go to bed. Life is good here on "Our Villa".

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Buckhorn,Ontario To Bobcaygeon,Ontario

Tuesday arrived Bobcaygeon 1200. Cruised 16 miles and two locks. Gorgeous sunny day with a high of 83 degrees. From Tom & Mary: We arrived at this small tourist town & tied up below the lock. Arvilla & I walked up town & there on the corner a woman's dream - a store with thousands of shoes. Great shopping! During dinner we had a lovely, gentle rain - no high winds, no firemen telling us to take shelter - just rain. Those Wisconsin storms must lose their gusto by the time they get here!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lakefield,Ontario To Buckhorn,Ontario

Monday arrived at Lock 31 lock wall at Buckhorn at 1400. Cruised 22 miles and three locks. The weather has been just beautiful since Mary & Tom arrived. Now we know where the Canada Geese hang out, dah, Canada. They make a real mess on the docks. From Tom & Mary: Today we went thru Hell's Gate - now the avid boater's that we are, we thought anything with HELL in it we should pay attention. HUGE rocks everywhere, some with houses on them, breathtaking. Lock 30 is an island, only accessible by
boat. They have a black bear that comes & crosses the lock gates. But after seeing the dead bat, we didn't feel it necessary to see a live bear. We tied below Lock 31 for the night. The lock closes at 7:00PM & after the lock people left, the local kids came & swam in the lock chamber & rode their bike off the lock wall into the water below the lower lock gate. Great entertainment for us - who needs TV. All is going well. Joe is still answering all my questions.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hastings,Ontario To Lakefield,Ontario

Saturday at 0623 we departed Hastings and Arrived Peterborough Marina at 1230. Cruised 37 miles and one lock. Mostly sunny and 80 degs. We went to a Catholic church for mass and found a dead bat on the floor in front of us, which made it very hard to concentrate. We had an outdoor concert with thousands of people attending and fire works after the concert.
Sunday departed Peterborough 1100. 1400 broke an engine mount bracket at lock 23. Luckily a lock repair crew was called in to repair a broken cable at lock 24 and the lock master gave Joe a ride in his car so the repair crew could weld the broken bracket. Monday was a civic holiday and it would have been Tuesday if we had to go to a repair shop. We were under way in 3 hours. Arrived 1830 at Lock 26 wharf. Cruised 10 miles and 7 locks. 76 degs and partly sunny.
From Tom & Mary: This is a Canadian Holiday weekend. A few more boats on the waterway. The weather is absolutely perfect for cruising - not HOT. The wine tastes mighty fine here on "Our Villa". All is well except for that dead bat in church.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Cambellford,Ontario To Hastings,Ontario

After five enjoyable days in Cambellford we departed lock 12 at 1200. Arrived at Lock 18 in Hastings at 1700 hours. Cruised 21 miles and 6 locks. A beautiful sunny day.
A wonderful friend in Campbellford took us on a tour of the town and surrounding areas. We visited the Church Key Brewery, the cheese factory, the Worlds Famous Chocolate Factory, and many other interesting stores. We attended an outdoor concert on Wednesday evening with country & rock and roll music. On Thursday early evening our friends from Madison, Tom and Mary joined us to continue our cruise on the Trent Severn. We were so happy to see them.
From Tom & Mary: Hello to Family/friends, Uwmf co-workers & Sunset Bay Marina folks. We arrived At about 5:00PM on 7/31 - wine time!!! Friday 8/1 we went to the chocolate factory & filled tins with chocolate - more fun than slots & I've got pictures to prove it. Today we went thru 6
locks. It's not like the locks on the Mississippi. It's so relaxing, peaceful & beautiful. Life is good!!!!!! Be sure to click on the left side of blog for location. More tomorrow.

Video of Our Villa on the St. Croix River